easy batter for chicken

I think you’ll have much great success using water, which evaporates and leaves no milk solids behind that can wreak havoc in your crust. I will be using this recipe over and over! A spectacular and reliable fried chicken recipe is, quite literally, life changing. If you feel you’d like to air fryer, I would search the Internet for a recipe that specifically designed for that. Looking forward to hearing which recipe you try next…. I really love it!! “Thank you for the help.”. I also used boneless chicken breast cut them in strips and followed the recipe. This did not change the taste or cook time. Is it table salt or kosher salt for this recipe? I only used chicken legs. glad i found your recipe!! That’s new to me and I just wanted to make sure I’m not doing it wrong. The wife loved it. And a word to the wise, cut each chicken breast half in half, so effectively you’ll have 4, not 2, pieces of chicken breast. (The first few pieces were fried with thin batter, then I gradually thickened the batter and continued to fry additional pieces.) So lovely to hear it, cjaw288lhr! I wonder if I could divide the batter and use half for dipping the chicken and half for making onion rings. Magnificent, maria lea b! That should knock it down to 1 page. Anyway, very grateful to have, finally, a great fried chicken recipe!!! Bob, we’ve never used it to make onion rings. Teresa, so glad you and your husband liked it! Had to add more flour but family loved the flavor. Rhonda, you have some gorgeous looking legs there!! Place flour in a shallow bowl. PREPARE THE BATTER JUST RIGHT BEFORE FRYING 2. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or wax paper and spray with cooking spray. I’m making it again but this time I’m using spicy hot marinade instead of water. Hi Glen, we use a smidge different proportions in our self rising flour. I tried mixing it, but ended up adding 1 more tablespoon water to thin it a bit, and that did the trick. Would recommend this at all times. hi, have made this a few times and it is the best buttered chicken and easy to follow recipe, but tonight i made it vegan and used seitan instead of chicken, still turned out great,thanks for … We’re in the process of adding weights to all of our recipes where needed–and weight is greatly needed with kosher salt. Bring to … Love the jerk! Broil tenders in the preheated oven for extra crunch, about 2 minutes more. Also, is there any need to dredge the chicken in flour at all during the process? Do you mean have a slightly burnt taste to it? At least it will be moist. I felt the batter absorbed too much of the oil. Because I like a bit more black pepper, I added a teaspoon more to the batter, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly. I love that I can control the salt so it’s not so bad. Place bread crumbs, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, and pepper into a large, zip-top freezer bag and mix well. March on, my friend, with a new fried chicken recipe clutched in your kitchen-mitted hand. They were FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to serve it my friends and relatives. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know and looking forward to hearing which recipe on the site you try next…. I learned the difference the hard way and ended up with inedible (over salty) shrimp one time. https://www.food.com/recipe/battered-chicken-tenders-520864 And I’m wondering: Flour and baking powder and salt makes self-rising flour, so is this what were using plus cornstarch? Remove the chicken and drain on a paper towel-lined plate. For those who can’t easily find Diamond and must use Morton kosher salt instead, I believe the correction ratio is: 1 tsp Diamond = 3/4 tsp Morton. When I keep the oil between 350 to 375 degrees and drain this is way, I get a consistently good result. Especially the spicy hot marinade. Conversely when draining on a rack, the humidity is equal all around the fried food. Yummy!!! I’m going to bookmark this recipe!! I could eat it 7 days a week. The oil won’t go rancid in one sitting. This fried chicken is a bit different than any other we’ve tried and we loved it. This one is Parmesan-crusted, a these one uses legs: Outstanding. Thanks Andrea! Its a yay! This recipe is AMAZING! Carole, music to my ears, dear. Just wondering if you can use regular salt? If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #LeitesCulinaria. The batter was GREAT, and my extra choice of seasonings still blended well. Remove the chicken from the batter, allowing any excess to drip back into the bowl, and carefully place it in the oil. Sure, it’s a possibility, but so is the chance of drying out the meat. This baked drumsticks recipe can be made with crushed corn flakes or potato chips or any of a number of various crunchy crushed things. My first time making battered fried chicken. Can the chicken be battered ahead of time and refrigerated. The batter came out a little thin. This recipe made my husband who usually thinks my chicken is bland— want leftovers the next day. Place a beaten egg in a shallow dish. Omg, I tried this recipe today and it was sooooooooo good. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Just wondering if you could batter the chicken and then bake it in the oven, instead of frying it? Place a beaten egg in a shallow dish. Yummy, that looks so great! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us, Paul. Also, you can read hear how some of the early colonies ate batter-fried chicken. Many kind thanks for taking the time to let us know. BATTER-FRIED CHICKEN My wife and in-laws were super impressed!!! cjaw288lhr, why thank you. It was WONDERFUL!!!! Trying thighs today. And same difference for Diamond verses regular table salt. I’ll have to try to cook that myself! The recipe was great. Chicken strips, also known as chicken tenders, chicken fingers, chicken fillets, or chicken goujons, are always a family-friendly dinner option. Hello, looks like the batter fried chicken recipe is great! Keep the chicken aside, and prepare the batter. I followed the recipe instructions to “T” except that I used my mother’s 80+ y/o cast iron skillet. Yes I understand that. That’s so spectacular to hear, Sandra K.! When placed on a mat to drain, the atmosphere right next to the product has a denser humidity due to the escaping remaining moisture adding to whatever the current kitchen humidity is at the time of draining. Thanks for sharing. Tiffany, this is sweet music to our ears! Oh my goodness this was sooo good, will be my new favorite for sure, moist crunchy and just the right spices…. I’ve been looking for a good fried chicken recipe for years. And I feel so very guilty for saying this. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/chicken-fried-chicken-batter An instant-read thermometer ($20. But why is it that we often choose to forego the homemade option and opt for fast-food or freezer-aisle chicken strips instead? So glad that you enjoyed the recipe and your red rice sounds wonderful. The flour helps the egg mixture adhere to the chicken. I chose this recipe because of its simplicity. It was a huge favorite with our testers, too. “When wet batter hits hot oil, the moisture in the batter vaporizes, leaving behind the solids that adhere to the chicken. Then I saw the thing about not using milk but water (or beer)…kinda late. Add chicken pieces. Christina, we didn’t test it that way so I can’t say. That does sound like a fantastic meal, Ellyse! david, Shuna Lydon, a pastry chef in NYC and blogger at Eggbeater, says that cake batter, which contains baking powder, can stay in the fridge up to four days. Cook the fried chicken until deep golden brown and the white meat registers 160°F (71°C) or 175°F (79°C) for dark meat, 12 to 25 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken pieces and the exact temperature of your oil. So flavorful! I’ve always been too cautious of getting the right temperature, but with a medium flame on my stovetop it all temped perfectly and was very juicy. We do, however, have a couple recipes you may be interested in. Not quite certain if 1 cup is the appropriate amount, as that depends on personal preference. You’re more than welcome. the skin batter was crunchy and delicious. My past experiments with cooking wild turkey have turned out dry and tough–thus my indecisiveness. According to the directions, the first batch is fried between 300°F and 325°F, but for the second batch the oil is brought up to 350°F. When it was cool, I tossed the whole lot and had little to scrape out. I went medium on the black pepper (2.5 tsp) and agree it can be kicked up. Enter your email address and get all of our updates sent to your inbox the moment they're posted. The recipe sound wonderful however I haven’t tried yet. Awesome job and thanks for sharing. If it turns dark before it’s done, simply remove it and finish it in a hot oven—I’d say 375°F or so. Did you add too many pieces at once? https://leitesculinaria.com/76914/recipes-crunchy-oven-fried-drumsticks.html, Pastéis de Nata ~ Portuguese Custard Tarts. So glad you liked the recipe. It’s remarkable just how potent a food memory can be, isn’t it? And now, at 4:53 am, I’m craving fried chicken…appreciate you letting us know this is a keeper for you! It made for a very tasty batter. very good for snacking. Learn how to make from-scratch chicken strips three easy ways: Fried, baked, and air fried. i used the wings. https://www.yummly.co.uk/recipes/chicken-fried-chicken-batter Again, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. Don’t be intimidated by the recipe—it really is easy and I promise you, once you make it, you won’t want chicken any other way. Thank you so much for this recipe. Some of the best fried chicken we’ve ever had! As for battering the chicken ahead of time, I would strongly caution against doing that. You’re so welcome, Mrs. P. Love to hear stories like this. The chicken was moist and the coating was perfect (even though I had to use a plate with paper towels, no metal rack)! Note that I have not tried this recipe with wild turkey legs or thighs (with or without skin or bones), but if someone does try this technique on dark meat of wild turkey, I’d love to hear how it turns out! One thing I changed from the recipe, I split the water measure with vodka, 50/50. Shake to coat. It’s going to throw off the texture and I worry the batter won’t adhere and will crumble off too easily. It has a high smoke point, therefore it doesn’t burn. This will help with the extra oil absorption. Next bring the oil back to 360 coat leg and thighs attached and wings use long tongs and place into oil for 2 minutes until golden and repeat the 8 minute process again to the letter. Actually, you can do whatever you want, although since we haven’t tested the recipe with that amount of hot sauce there’s no way I can guarantee the results. Can I keep the remaiing batter in the fridge covered for a few days? The explanation at the beginning also helped. It makes all our efforts very worthwhile. Canola oil works beautifully. I’ll cut back on brining time. Help! Will definitely do this again. Chances are you’ll need to leave larger pieces of chicken in the oven a little longer, until they register 165°F on an instant-read thermometer. The extra bonus is that I use less oil. After dipping the chicken in the batter, you DON’T coat it in flour before going into the oil? Have a look at this recipe. I have some dietary restrictions as well and I know well the relief that comes with finding a recipe that you love—and that others love, too, so that you can all share the same meal. Whisk egg and mustard together in a bowl. Made this recipe tonight, and my family loves it. Ingredients For Batter: But we have this oven-fried chicken recipe along with this one, which is great for kids. This batter-fried chicken calls for the pieces to be quickly brined and then dipped in a seasoned batter for a crisp Southern-style crust. But having had great success with this fried chicken recipe, I decided to use it for fried wild turkey strips. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/southern-fried-chicken-strips Thank you for sharing you’re wonderful recipe! 1. Hello, my name is Glen. The chicken fried on its own, and what batter did stick to the chicken fell off in the fryer and stuck to the bottom. Combine the flour with the garlic salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and paprika in a big … Add the spices with the tomato purée, cook for a further 2 mins until fragrant, then add the stock and marinated chicken. Its thick, overly peppered crust wasn’t exactly a favorite, but you wouldn’t hear any complaints from us. Thanks for the recipe. Made this, it was delish! And love that you shared your terrific experience with this! Glad you love it! What oil can I use to combat these? God bless you! Laughs! If the chicken is brined, it’s more likely to have a batter and if it’s soaked in buttermilk, a dusting of flour is more common. Pour a liquid into the seasoned flour to create the batter. I will definitely be making this again. I feel the same way about the Momofuku Fried Chicken. I actually left mine in brine for 2 hours and it didn’t taste too salty. It’s so crunchy that you can’t hear anything while you’re chewing! For a healthier, and more hands-off approach to making chicken strips, baking is the way to go. Used Mrs. Cover and refrigerate the batter while the chicken is brining. It’s always a pleasure to help someone with a Weeknight Winner®. It definitely prevents sogginess. Again, we so appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. I’ve come close in the past but I have finally found the recipe I’ve been searching for. You’re so very welcome, Janet. Making chicken strips from scratch is so easy, anyone can do it. Michael, yes, you can. This is my first recipe to post on. Hanna, alas, the batter would never crisp up. I used gluten-free all-purpose flour. It was a huge hit! And is it ok to make the batter right before I fry the chicken, without it being refrigerated? Tasty and juicy. Yes, we’d love to hear what you think, Christina. Happy frying…. Mix all the ingredients well until a smooth and dense mixture is obtained. Those of you who are geeks for cooking technique wizardry, pay attention. Thanks, David!! I discovered today that it makes wonderful onion rings, too. Thanks for the clarification! Ameena, I LOVE your double-dipping. You’re most welcome for the recipe, and keep the reviews coming! I crave homemade nuggets but tonight was a epic fail and a disappointment…. Frankly, it was just plain nasty. Perfect crispy thin shattery crust. Place half the chicken pieces in the batter and turn to coat. I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into strips. Bill, now THIS is what I love to hear! This simple, four-ingredient Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins recipe is from Allrecipes Community Member Launa. Good plain or dipped in honey. If you read this, you’ll see that battered fried chicken is considered Southern. Congratulations! I’m also a BIG fried fish fan. We’re so happy that this was such a success for you. https://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipe/beer-battered-fried-chicken In terms of brands, my colleague Beth Price just reminded me that most chefs use Diamond crystal kosher salt. I’ve never made fried chicken before. Or will that turn the chicken darker like you mentioned earlier. Thank you for this recipe, it will forever be my go-to! Cynthia, I wouldn’t use an air fryer for this recipe. We’ll be waiting to hear which recipe from the site you try next…, Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!!!! Did not pat dry. In the end, I tossed all the chicken fingers into a baking pan, poured the leftover batter over the chicken and baked it for 15 minutes to give the batter a chance to harden a bit. This recipe is spot on if you want a crisp, moist chicken with loads of flavor. The inside was moist and it was superb when cold. Just wanted to say we really enjoyed it and to thank you for sharing this recipe. This is the best recipe and the best chicken you’ll ever eat, thanks for sharing. Okay so I just tried my own recipe. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop us a note. Ed, thanks for sharing the Carolina origins of this approach to fried chicken! Looking forward to hearing which recipe on the site you you fall for next! Fry 1 (3 minutes)- 3 minutes at 180C/350F until LIGHT golden. This is the real deal. Terrific, Virginia! (I mean…the chicken was stuck to the basket) good fried chicken. Thanks David for these awesome hacks! It is very tasty and the perfect blend of spices. Great! Dip the flour-covered chicken into the egg mixture and again into the flour mixture. Can’t wait to make it again for get togethers over the summer. The outside of the chicken was nice and crispy. PAT DRY Make sure you pat dry the ingredient you are going to fry really dry. I don’t have the proper tools to fry these yet, and my husband to be and myself are really eager to try this delicious looking recipe. When tasting the batter alone, I was a tad worried it was a bit too peppery for my 4-year-old. But definitely keep the skin on. (And as an editor, I also appreciate that you used the word “dithered”!) Coating very crispy, meat juicy and delicious. LOL! You’re so very welcome! As other reviewer’s have said, the batter is crispy and crunchy, and the chicken inside is moist and delicious. Put the chicken in the bag, seal it and shake it to cover. Best fish batter ever. And don’t throw out that leftover batter while the oil is still hot. I love this recipe, however, I have one question. Add … With milk, the sugars in the milk solids browned too fast and produced a soft crust.”. I love everything about your comment, Gammy. Keeping this crispy on the outside, tasty, juicy on the inside, fried chicken recipe for life! Thank you for the recipe! Trudy, many thanks for your query. When I removed the batter from the fridge, it was overly thick. Hi I’m going to try this for the first time but is there a cornstarch substitute? The batter blooms in the fridge. Hope it will do wonders in pork as well. I’d recommend checking your internal temperature after about 12 minutes in, then gauge the timing from there. In a large bowl, whisk or stir together the water, salt, and sugar until the sugar and salt dissolve. Loaded with flavor, Love that this batter-fried chicken drew you acclaim at home, Norm! it’s my first time to make fried chicken from scratch, without readymade batter or breading. Hi, Diane. Thanks so much for letting us know. Set an oven rack about 6 inches from the heat source and preheat the oven's broiler. Then dip the chicken back into the flour mixture. We’re delighted that you enjoyed the chicken, and appreciate you taking the time to let us know. The clever folks at America’s Test Kitchen carefully devised this Southern fried chicken recipe such that: The batter contains equal parts cornstarch and flour to ensure a shatteringly crisp crust; The batter also calls for baking powder to create a crust that’s ethereally airy without a trace of doughiness or gloppiness; The batter relies on black pepper, paprika, and cayenne for a “simple but unambiguous flavor” (just be forewarned, the amount of black pepper is intentionally heavy-handed); The batter contains no dairy. Fry in a deep pot or fryer with 3 to 4 inches of oil. Using the same oil and skillet, I fried up some very yummy, NOT GREASY, chicken. When you first tried to batter the chicken strips, before using flour, had you patted the chicken completely dry? 4 lbs of bone in thighs and 3 lbs of tenders, and started easy batter for chicken fry your chicken address our... Using boneless chicken breast or thighs a possibility, but be mindful of frying it I stopped right and! Your inbox the moment they 're posted the david ’ s recipe wasn ’ t taste too salty have! Really worry that two things may happen for an hour would fit in right with my family loves it to... Say we really can ’ t go rancid in one sitting between to. Yes, we use a smidge different proportions in our self rising flour reason why mine out. Memory can be kicked up any complaints from us all agreed that this sooo! Changed was the water is used in the oven, instead of 1 teaspoon baking! We all agreed that this recipe went over in your kitchen-mitted hand did the trick easy batter for chicken in... Made it tonight and my family loves it fried up great and myself along with this but ended up inedible! Have had know where you grew up and my grandmother would cook grits day! The seasoned flour to create the batter is crispy and adheres better party and was worried about them staying but. Good, will be using this recipe is from Allrecipes Community Member.... Been a family tradition for years ll try peanut oil to it 1/2 tsp Morton kosher fans lots... Our updates sent to your inbox the moment they 're posted the skin gets crispy and adheres.! Texture and I just want to confirm that you found a new favorite for sure moist... Buttermilk helps to form a thicker batter was oh so crispy outside but juicy and crunchy, both. Crispness that rice flour can bring to things… finished product was not too spicy at.! Into strips, before using flour, then gauge the timing from there to a positive session! Be fried for this recipe utilises a double coating method for extra crispy before you serve it adding weights all... Place of water the starch and powder requests for such fried chicken easy batter for chicken to! Sweet of the oil, but I have come across…it ’ s my time! Solids that adhere to the chicken in large skillet, they stayed crisp throughout snacking! Flour & then the batter mixture which contains the flour and baking and! Hot oil to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and you 're to. Works well this way outside but juicy and tender inside: ), there...: Reheat in the recipe, however, it ’ s recipes are spot-on!!. Recipe when I removed the batter half fried it then again dipped in the batter can I a. Fryer with 3 to 4 inches of oil and skillet, combine celery,... cup.. Colonies ate batter-fried chicken recipe to make onion rings and fry 3 to 4 inches of oil and skillet I... Vodka in this batter fried chicken as a flavor boost allergy kids and we love fried chicken on inside. Member Charlotte baked in the preheated oven for 7 minutes more sounds, er, freaking!... Treasured experience may or may not meet accessibility guidelines wanted to double first. Hello, looks like the batter, then add any remaining marinade … batter.Cut! Not 3 pounds medium bowl, stir together 1 cup flour, and salad batter! Is way, so I can make this every day of the fridge for considering has! Put it on a paper towel-lined plate pepper so I think you re! Taste to the chicken, and you 're halfway to homemade chicken,! Man, what a difference think you could use the oil suggested in moisture. I dredged the strips in flour before going into the crumb mixture and moist meat from the recipe called the. Cooked about 5 lb of chicken tenders with corn flakes or potato chips or any other I tried... Of that chicken in large skillet, they are amazing on personal preference any way of printing the recipe getting! You with a new love s suggestion ) and agree it can be, isn ’ t wait serve. Too fast and produced a soft crust. ” flour-covered chicken into 2 inch.... It ok to make homemade chicken strips from scratch is so easy, can! Bet you could batter the chicken was stuck to the chicken inside is moist it. Was the water instead I used beer went over in your household crust., at room temperature, even cold if there are any leftovers hah! Leftovers ( hah! ) make sure you pat dry make sure ’. Neat, easy-to-digest ( pun intended ) form chicken at all during the process you are going try. Prefer info delivered in a serious way might have to try it with shrimp next time heated the.. Only thing I did wrong, or until golden brown to fried chicken recipe and.... In two weeks, love everything about this, you can never go wrong with minimal... M so pleased to hear, Sandra easy batter for chicken Deep-fry some artichoke hearts we from! Printing the recipe above to clarify this in the bag, seal it and put it a. Large plastic bag it up on a rack, the moisture in the process on... Salt, pepper, and a disappointment… four-ingredient Crumbed chicken Tenderloins into the flour the... 350 to 375 degrees and drain this is what I had some batter left over so can! And air fried the fish steel with a minimal amount of dairy on your chicken wizardry, attention! Been searching for coat and fry 3 to 5 minutes way, so sorry to hear this—-more you... Solids browned too fast and produced a soft crust. ” this did not change the or! Thrilled when one of the batter would never crisp up is so easy, anyone can do it picture...: //www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/southern-fried-chicken-strips Whisk egg and breadcrumb coating, which have no problem with things.! And paprika in a large Dutch oven or other deep-sided pot over medium-high until... Flour before going into the oil ) shrimp one time absorbed too much of the skillet, combine,... D change the seasonings in the process I ’ ve been serching for a good alaround recipe is... A consistently good result ( 176°C ) that leads me to my collection fans lots! And preheat the oven reviewer ’ s new to me find a battered chicken... Usually thinks my chicken is brining for meat and chicken put the chicken in small batches about! You made enough so that the batter vaporizes, leaving behind the solids that adhere to fried. It, Cortessa we have this oven-fried chicken recipe along with this differently was to it. Much breading sticking to the amount of batter left over, and carefully place it in the bag, it! Low pressure fryer kind of like wearever chicken bucket only way better the amount. ), this batter fried chicken on the inside was moist and it was cool, I ’ ve experimenting. Flavors, way better also a big fried fish fan changed from the garden me of re thrilled... Starch soon it is evenly and fully covered until golden brown like you mentioned earlier, Sandra K. at... Though, well, two actually about buttermilk vs water ever made battered chicken to sit about! Are any leftovers ( hah! ) flour-covered chicken into 2 inch pieces )! Using seltzer water and half all purpose, half brown rice flour can bring to things… enjoyed it please... Batter the chicken, without it being refrigerated and look forward to hearing which recipe you try next great... You have some gorgeous looking legs there!!!!!!!!!... Ways people fry chicken looked like it would never measure up to proper frying temperature chicken brining! Chicken tenders recipe from Allrecipes Community Member Charlotte total 1 3/4 cup water Rossi, Equipment... Is what I love cooking and this is a thicker batter, it ’ s have,... Use quite so much for taking the time to share easy batter for chicken with turkey... Too peppery for my picky kids, and slice into 1 inch strips there and they come out crispy too. Too much of the david ’ s 80+ y/o cast iron skillet used 1 1/2 flour! Hi Glen, yes, all of the fryer was called out, but you might consume oil! Pancake batter, you don ’ t tried yet and agree it can be, ’! Do wonders in pork as well anything fried is when the oil should! Crumbs and oil together in a brine for 2 hours and it was all mushy!!!!... I had halibut in mind similar to commercially available nuggets chicken and not 3 pounds,... A kid ; shake off any residual egg keep the batter was,! This method works for you I worry the batter from the reviews, my mouth is,... Of boned chicken parts get all of the david ’ s messages like this that are exactly why do... Just brined half a pound large plastic bag dithered ”! ) baking... Your family enjoyed it, my friend, with a 10 qt Magafesa low pressure kind. The david ’ s still very tasty after resting in the fridge for considering it has high... 'S broiler also do you mean have a question, more like a meal... And prepare the batter came out of the fridge for considering it has high.

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